20 Ways to Boost Immunity Naturally – Beauty Article

20 Ways to Boost Immunity Naturally Immunity has become a hot topic for discussion and people are looking at ways to boost their immunity. It’s actually not prudent to wait till one is sick to find out ways to boost immunity. High inflammation, stress, wrong dietary habits, certain diseases can all compromise one’s immune system and increase the risk of developing infections too frequently. Boosting one’s immunity is a multi-pronged approach – lifestyle and dietary modifications and alterations need to…

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5 Food Items to Boost Immunity to Lose Weight – Beauty Article

5 Food Items to Boost Immunity to Lose Weight The most under-rated but highly successful way to lose weight and slim down is by boosting your immunity. It has been revealed through a number of studies that weight loss and high immunity levels are interconnected. In this post, we would try to unravel how to boost immunity to lose weight and find out food items that would help you to boost immunity: 1. Oranges: Oranges have high vitamin C content,…

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