How to Hydrate Your Skin: Tips for Every Skin Type – Beauty Article

How to Hydrate Your Skin: Tips for Every Skin Type Let’s talk about how to hydrate your skin. It’s something everyone should do, but tons of people avoid for a variety of reasons. Whether you just can’t be bothered with another step in your routine (no judgment) or you’re worried about messing up your skin’s delicate balance, we have easy tips for you to follow to help you hydrate your skin. Start With a Clean Slate Washing your face, whether…

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3 Modern Valentine’s Day Looks – Beauty Article

3 Modern Valentine’s Day Looks Valentine’s Day will always be one of the more controversial holidays. Either you’re absolutely obsessed (and in love) or you’re not. Whether you have a traditional date night planned with your one true love, a modern group outing with friends, or zero plans whatsoever, we have the perfect products to help you celebrate in style. Plum Perfection If you’re willing to go a bit outside of your comfort zone, this look is for you. Plum…

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5 Tips to Brighten Dull Skin – Beauty Article

5 Tips to Brighten Dull Skin Whether you have serious hyperpigmentation or simply wish your complexion wasn’t so blah, almost everyone wants to brighten dull skin. Especially in the winter, when temperatures drop and we’re forced to deal with an extra dry epidermis. Sure, adding in a heavy duty moisturizer can help replenish lost moisture, but that’s not going to give you that coveted lit from within glow. Lucky for you, we have 5 easy tips to help boost your…

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How to Multi-Task 4 Ways With a Foundation Stick – Beauty Article

How to Multi-Task 4 Ways With a Foundation Stick You should know by now that we love products that multi-task. And if you haven’t met the newest addition to our base category, it’s time we introduce you to HD Mineral Foundation Stick, which just so happens to be one of our best multi-taskers yet! This ultra-hydrating, cream foundation stick is perfect for applying foundation, concealer, contour and highlight. Questions on how to multi-task? We’ve got the answers below! Foundation This…

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Concealing 101: Tips from the Pros – Beauty Article

Concealing 101: Tips from the Pros Welcome to Concealing 101! Concealing is a critical step in achieving complexion perfection but it’s not the easiest. From formulas to application methods to tools, it can be a lot to take in. But have no fear, our artists are here to help you conceal like a pro! Formula Oil Free Camouflage Up first, our best-selling concealer formula, Oil Free Camouflage. This is the concealer you’ll reach for when you need maximum coverage for…

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3 Holiday Beauty Looks to Carry You Through New Year’s Eve – Beauty Article

3 Holiday Beauty Looks to Carry You Through New Year’s Eve With the holiday season quickly approaching, there’s no better time to start planning your holiday beauty looks. To help get you started, we’ve crafted three stunning looks featuring brand new shades in our favorite formulas (found in our 2019 Muse Holiday Collection) to get you from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve without missing a beat. Want more Muse Collection? See why Allure editors can’t stop raving about our newest…

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