How To Soothe Skin After Bleaching – Beauty Article

How To Soothe Skin After Bleaching Many consider bleaching the face as the easiest way to get rid of tan, but skin experts and dermatologists do not recommend bleaching the skin because it is loaded with chemicals. The quality of bleach you are using is very important as you can damage the skin and cause mild burns. Bleach burns are caused due to the presence of strong chemicals or maybe it was over kept on the skin and sometimes the…

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10 Ways to Reduce Burn Marks Naturally – Beauty Article

10 Ways to Reduce Burn Marks Naturally Read Rati Beauty Diet: The Right Way to Lose Weight Burn marks are extremely common, especially when you are doing chores around the house or cooking. These marks are stubborn but do not worry! There are some ways to reduce the appearance of it. If your marks aren’t severe, then you can eliminate it completely. Try these 10 natural ways to reduce burn marks and let us know the difference: 1. Potatoes: This…

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