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20 Ways to Lose Weight with Food Addiction – Beauty Article

20 Ways to Lose Weight with Food Addiction Have you heard about food addiction? It counts on the same level as drug addiction because it is thought to involve the same neurotransmitters and areas of the brain as drug addiction. With high stress levels and lifestyle changes, more and more people are falling into the food addiction bandwagon. Excessive dependence and cravings for junk food including sugar-rich foods, candy, sugary beverages, soda, and high-fat fried foods all come under the…

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12 Foods that Reduce Heartburn – Beauty Article

12 Foods that Reduce Heartburn Heartburn is basically another word for acid reflux. With constant changes in our eating habits, a majority of the Indian population is extremely prone to develop heartburns. Excessive diary products, fried and heavily spiced foods majorly cause acid reflux. Also, if you are avoiding enough water intake, you will experience heartburns from time to time. If you have been searching for home remedies to reduce heartburn, here’s a list of things you can use from…

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