Shiro Fragrance Savon Eau de Parfum – Beauty Article

Shiro Fragrance Savon Eau de Parfum [unpaid/ad/sample] You know when a fragrance just hits the mood of the moment square on? That’s how I felt when I smelled Shiro’s Savon fragrance – that it had just pinged all the right senses with a wash of peacefulness.Shiro Fragrance Savon Eau de ParfumThe name gives the nature of the fragrance away, but to me it’s more like fresh, clean sheets on a pristine bed with a twist of lemon on the side. Structurally,…

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Balance Me Beauty Sleep Candle – Beauty Article

Balance Me Beauty Sleep Candle [sample] Bearing in mind you can pay just about any amount of money for a candle, with £30+ being ball-park ‘normal’ I was surprised that this comes in at £25. It’s generous – the fragrance starting giving almost straight away with a very timely freshness that also felt unexpected.Balance Me Beauty Sleep CandleIt’s an aromatherapy blend of cedarwood and lavender – I’m sure there are other things in the soy base but unusually, there’s no…

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Is Avon Cruelty free? – Cruelty free beauty brands in skincare and cosmetics – Beauty Article

Is Avon Cruelty free? – Cruelty free beauty brands in skincare and cosmetics Natura Acquires Avon in 2020 As a former Avon lady in the early 90’s I found it relevant that I report on Avon and its claims. Natura & Co Holding S.A. and Avon Products, Inc. have announced that they have received all regulatory approvals required to complete Natura & Co’s acquisition of Avon Products, Inc., paving the way for the closing of the transaction expected on…

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Thameen Royal Sapphire | British Beauty Blogger – Beauty Article

Thameen Royal Sapphire | British Beauty Blogger [sample] I think you might be surprised to know that this brand, Thameen, has one of Selfridges beauty hall’s most lucrative counters. The sales are phenomenal. And yet I won’t be at all surprised if you’ve never heard of Thameen. Somehow, it’s crept under the radar to become a secret sensation and it sells by the satin wrapped bucket load.Thameen Royal SapphireThameen means ‘precious’ and the brand is inspired by gemstones, with the…

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UZ 38°C/99°F Lip Treatment Is Officially Available in America – Beauty Article

When I was in Japan earlier this year, I spotted the UZ 38°C/99°F Lip Treatment in every beauty store I stopped in like it was taunting me. I had already spent more than enough money on beauty products during my trip and passed on it every time, even though I may or may not have flown back to New York City with regrets. UZ makes the Best of Beauty Award-winning Eye Opening Liquid Liner, so it would have been a…

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Dolce & Gabbana The One Coffret – Beauty Article

[sample/affiliate] I love a coffret! I know they’re a little bit old-fashioned but the glamour of them has never faded although they’re going to have to move with the eco-conscious times and cut out the plastic. I think we may well see a change next year because everyone is reviewing their plastic use. Dolce & Gabbana The One Coffret In this particular set, you get a mini 5ml The One, 100ml perfumed body lotion and a 50ml The One. If…

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