12 Foods that Reduce Heartburn – Beauty Article

12 Foods that Reduce Heartburn Heartburn is basically another word for acid reflux. With constant changes in our eating habits, a majority of the Indian population is extremely prone to develop heartburns. Excessive diary products, fried and heavily spiced foods majorly cause acid reflux. Also, if you are avoiding enough water intake, you will experience heartburns from time to time. If you have been searching for home remedies to reduce heartburn, here’s a list of things you can use from…

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Why is Ragi Roti Better than Wheat Roti? – Beauty Article

Why is Ragi Roti Better than Wheat Roti? If you follow the diet routines of healthy people, you must have noticed that there’s a lot of mention about ragi or nachni roti. Ragi is popularly called as finger millet in the west. We often wonder why ragi is not yet categorized into “superfoods” bracket when it has so much nutrition packed into those tiny grains. When compared to wheat rotis, health experts give bonus points to ragi because of its…

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Why Caffeine is Good for Weight Loss? – Beauty Article

Why Caffeine is Good for Weight Loss? It is just in recent times that caffeine has gained considerable popularity as an agent that would help with weight loss. People are both amused and intrigued as to how caffeine can aid with fat burning. In this post , we will delve into details about how caffeine fits into the weight loss picture. Caffeine commonly found in tea, coffee, and also added as a compound in energy drinks, is now being added…

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